Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day & Recent Outfit Pics

 I hope everyone had an amaazzeee Christmas with family and friends!! I was very lucky and blessed this year with the things I received. I am going to show you a little sneak peek into my Christmas Day, and feel free to tell me what you got/how you spent your holiday!! Don't forget to follow me for daily pics on Insta! [[ @naturallyem ]]

{ From the best pops ever. So excited to try my Yurbuds }

{Christmas prezzy} Riedel pink BCA champagne flutes! Ob....sessed.

{ Holiday Mani by Essie }

{ Some amazing gifts I received this year }

{ The Polar heart rate watch I had nooo clue I was getting ahhh do any of you have one of these??? }

Jeans X Blouse X Bralette }

{ Obsessed with the open back on this top! }

{ One of my moms presents, so gorgeous! }

{ Wearing my LeveL workout belt with the new kicks! This will come in handy at the gym }

Merry Christmas from Walker!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! And I also hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve!!! Remember, with a new year comes a fresh start, and boy am I ready!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope today is filled with laughter, love, family & friends!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Motivational Monday

First off, I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas Eve! Today, and tomorrow are all about being with family and those you love. I want to thank everyone who has supported me in life, in this blog, and anywhere else! I am so thankful to be surrounded by love each and every day. The most important thing in life is love; our lives are spent searching for it, finding it, keeping it, losing it, and doing it all over again. The holiday season always reminds me of this even though its something that should be thought about every day, all year long. The events that have happened in the last couple weeks and even in my own personal life, remind me that life is a gift and sooo precious. So please, remind the people in your life you love them because you never know what kind of battles they are fighting.

[[ Pomosa, perfect Christmas Eve or Christmas day cocktail ]]

[[ Christmas Eve in Berlin ]]

I am wishing everyone a wonderful & magical Christmas Eve!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


{{ Who says adults can't wear kids clothes?? }}

Kidding, well just a little. These are kids Under Armour compression pants, buuuut why not buy kids if you can?? Know what I mean, they are a lot cheaper hehe


Monday, December 17, 2012

Motivational Monday

It is the official last full week before Christmas!!! How are you all preparing?? I still have some shopping to do, BTW if you do too Sephora is offering free shipping! on orders of just $25 with code RMNSHIP. But hurry, it ends TODAY!!

This week is going to be busy, so I won't be posting too much but follow me on Instagram @naturallyem to keep up with my daily pics! I post there a lot and it's much easier to connect with you there when I am super busy! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week filled with friends, family, and love. My heart goes out to those in Newtown, pray for their families this season. I can't even imagine what they are going through.
I hope everyone is staying healthy these next couple weeks. Its going to be very hard, but worth it in the end! Just add a couple more workouts to your routine to combat those extra cals.
 I hope to have a Tarte review coming soon since I have found a couple new products I love and can't wait to share. Sorry this is a random MM but hopefully you understand! Here's a few pics to keep you inspired!! xxxx

{{ Got me some new UA Cold Gear <----Under $50! }}

{{ Yummy cocktail idea }}

{{ Who doesn't love some great ab motivation?? }}

{{ Great Quote }}

{{ LOVE me some Joe haha }}

Have a fab week everyone!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Hair Care Routine

 UPDATED----> Click Here!

Soooo I have been asked on Instagram >> naturallyem <<  to do like a "hair care" type post. I always love reading how bloggers take care of their hair. Weird right? I don't really know why, its just like my obsession with 'what's in my bag' posts or videos too haha. It is just cool to see other gal's routines.
I am going to show you what products I use, how often I wash my hair, my biotin supplement, etc. etc.

First off, I was a blonde baby so most of my life I have gotten highlights like every 6 or so weeks and seriously, blondes out there, that really takes a toll on the health of your hair. I was so exhausted from hair color and spending the money that I just quit going to the salon. My roots grew out wayy too long so I decided to dye it all my natural color. This led to an unintentional ombre type effect which I ended up loving. SO for now, I'm keeping it, lol. I have always felt taking exceptional care of my hair and my skin are top priorities because guess what ladies, those are the only 2 things we can't take off at night.

How often do I wash my hair?
-Um, like once a week for real! The picture below is of day 5 hair. I loveeee using dry shampoo, it is practically my bestie during the week. I like trying out different, organic powder {{ talc free }} dry shampoos. I don't like the aerosol ones very much, too many chemicals for me. I guess its the same reason I don't use hairspray haha. I think the trick is using very little product.

What kind of weekly treatment do I do?
-I use a coconut oil overnight hair mask or I'll use this or this {{ which I get from TJ Maxx }} deep conditioning treatment overnight as well. I did do a previous post on my overnight hair masks, but this post will be a lot more comprehensive as to what else I do to keep my locks healthy and new :)

So, do you take any hair boosting supplements?
-I have heard amazing things about this hair supplement called Viviscal that apparently all the models take to make their hair grow?! I have never put the money into trying it, perhaps one day. Now, my hair grows really, and I mean really fast. Last summer I cut it ALL off. Heres proof haha. I won't ever do it again! I figure I should do it once in my life, but I love my long hair way too much. I feel naked without it! I kept telling my mom that I feel like a boy with that hair cut ;/
But anyway, back to supplements. I take this Biotin supplement. So far I am loving it, plus its good for you skin and nails too, win-win.

[[ short and blonde last summer ]]

How often do you use heat on your hair?
-This I think is the hardest part. I only use a blow dryer once a week and a curling iron to curl once, then for touch ups throughout the week. Does that make sense? I try to use as little heat as possible. Sometimes I'll put it in a braid, sleep on it, then take the braid out and curl some pieces. I have a cool iron that has different size barrels you can change for different looks, I think that is the best bet instead of having multiple curling irons to lug around. 

So exactly what products do you use on your hair?
-Virtually, none! But, after washing my hair, I like to put a dime size amount of this organic thickening compound
{{ I think it is discontinued but it is on Hautelook all the time! }} before I blow out. Once dry I like to spray my fave shine spray and work it through the bottom half of my hair. It is made with Argan Oil which is one of my all time favorite things! Sometimes I mix it with the thickening compound before the blow out too, depends on my mood :D

{{ Bracelet }}

{{ Day 6 Hair!!! }}

What do you do if it's raining? Do you ever put your hair up?
- So my hair is very temperamental the first day or two I wash it haha. I have naturally curly hair so it can frizz, usually it doesn't if I use some of this serum on the bottom half of my hair. BUT, if it's raining and I'm on day 5/6 hair I'll put it in a sock bun because its a super cute way to wear your hair up and it's literally the easiest thing to do on the planet! So above, you see my sock bun from today, I'll probably wear it like this for another day.

So that is my hair care routine! It has worked for me for the past year or so and though washing your hair once a week may not be for everyone. The reason people think that you need to wash your hair everyday is that your roots get greasy and dirty right? Well thats because non-organic shampoos contain harsh sulfates that strip your lovely locks of your natural root oils [ which you need! ]
Perhaps this post was informative to you and I hope you enjoyed it!


 UPDATED----> Click Here!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I got a new loose leaf tea the other day and so far it is really amazing. It is supposed to speed up your metabolism, balance your internal pH, & be a natural detox. BTW its great for your skin!!! I would say I am a tea connoisseur and this one is a new fave of mine for sure, esp with all the amazing benefits.
I am still sick with the flu but I am trying to update for you all!!!! xxx

From the site:
"If you don't know much about the herbs and spices in this blend, do some poking around. It'll impress you. Oolong and Pu-erh have shown in numerous studies to improve your metabolism significantly over the course of regular tea drinking over a few months. That is pretty darn good. Ancient Japanese poetry referred to these teas as the teas that "cut the fat", and studies have proven that it enhances the rate and effectiveness of fat and protein digestion. Juxtapose that with the myriad goodness of the herbs and spices, which include purifying your blood, providing strong doses of antioxidants, and being general health tonics, and you've got tea really worth drinking. I truly hope you love it as much as we do. Get to know it, and you'll understand. We'd give you all the numbers and research statistics, but we really don't want to play a supplement game. We just want you to drink good tea that enhances your loveliness."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Motivational Monday: Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Yikes!! What a challenge this is.
With all that fatty food, cholesterol, and calorie filled meals, its no wonder people get (as I call them) "Christmas bellies" in the winter!!! The average weight gain [[ in December alone is 4-5 lbs ]]
To me, that is insanity!!!!!

This year, I am going to be very, very smart about what/how much I eat. I have always been food conscious but this year will be different since I have amped up all my routines! I hope you all can use some of these tips I've compiled for you. Or heck, maybe you already do these things and are ahead of the game.
1. Exercise Regularly
The may seem like the total opposite of what you actually want to do, but I promise it will help! It will give you more energy and burn off all of those extra holiday cals.

2. Prepare Yourself for Outings:
If you know you are going out to a holiday party, or even just out with friends to a bar or whatever, remember to prepare! As in, eat healthy beforehand. It will keep you from overeating as well as eating the wrong things. Especially if you plan on drinking too its always good to have something in that belly!

3. Moderation, moderation:
I believe this is the key to {{ EVERYTHING! }} I know you want two pieces of pie, but just have one, your stomach will thank you in the morning! Overeating tends to make people sluggish so I never overeat and I am even more aware of it during the holidays.

4. No really, you don't have to clear your plate
Some people feel obliged to clear the plate as they say, but really just eat what you want and leave the rest. I promise, no one will even notice.

5. Be Mindful
Mingling at holiday outings can be a disaster! There are finger foods >everywhere< and when people tend to get nervous or bored guess what?! They EAT! So just be mindful of what goes in your mouth, and why.

6. MOVE!
Move, move, move! Keep moving at events. As in, walk around! Don't stay too long in one spot, burn some cals if you can!!

So, those are my tips. Do any of you have any other healthy holiday tips? I hope some of these help you in the upcoming days/weeks!


Sunday, December 9, 2012


{{ Bracelet X Watch }}

So yesterday was my first time ever giving blood. It was a wonderful experience! The last time I was going to give blood I couldn't because I had to wait a year since I had just gotten a tattoo [ that was almost 4 years ago ] so I was ecstatic to be able to this time! Apparently you save 3 lives with just one pint of blood! I plan to do this waaaayyy more often.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beauty Review: Nourish Organic Body Lotion

You all are probably like finally, a product review!!!!! I habitually change my body lotion whenever I finish it. There are some things I won't ever change, and there are some things that always change! i.e. body lotion!
So I have tried their fresh fig deodorant and wasn't too impressed with it, so I didn't have high hopes for the body lotion. But, I actually really like it!
The Formula:
It is pretty thick when it first comes out, but once you apply it to your skin and start spreading it out it almost becomes watery. Not watery in a bad way, since it has mint in it its very cooling and refreshing. It is probably more suited for the summer since it isn't truly thick. But as you know from this post, you really don't need a thicker lotion for the winter if you exfoliate a few times a week. I was a little disappointed because the scent is 'lavender mint' and there really wasn't much lavender anywhere! It is very minty. Maybe I am biased since I love all things lavender. :D

Final Thoughts:
Obvi it gets major props since it is certified organic and at this price point, its hard to find that in a body lotion. I haven't decided if I will repurchase or not, it wasn't soooo amazing that its now my HG body lotion, but its not horrible either. I would give it a shot if you are in the market for a new body lotion!

Get the Nourish Organic Lavender Mint body lotion HERE!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Cocktail:Skinny Pomegranate Martini

Those of us who are { legal to drink } know that with the holidays, come fattening cocktails!!! Those egg nog types? You know what I mean?! We are already eating horribly so why drink horribly too. The other weekend I created this 'skinny' cocktail with one of my new favorite drinks. I don't drink alcohol very often at all, nor do I drink soda or most juices. Usually its straight water with lemon juice. But when I get down, I like to play baaaaaartender and create healthier cocktails :)

But, I did try this Izze Pomegranate Sparkling Soda and it was sooooo good! The perfect balance between sweet and tart. I'm not usually a fan of sparkling things [[ it is 70% juice! ]] but it was deeeeeelish! There is no extra added sugar and for one of these martinis you use about 1/4th of the bottle so that means only 30 cals per martini { not including the pom seeds and vodka :D }

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Izze Pom Drink
2. Your favorite Vodka
3. Frozen Pom Seeds <<< must be frozen!!!
4. Sexy Martini glasses

Super simple, I add the pom seeds first in the bottom of the glass. >Side Note< its more fun if they are frozen! It adds a fun dimension to the drink, and of course you can eat them after! Since the Izze is sparkling, I stir, not shake. I usually like shaken martinis but for this one I like to stir. Add as much or as little vodka as you want and BOOM! your done!

{{ Perfect for the holiday! So festive }}

Drink Responsibly!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wish List: Natural Beauty

So it's no secret that I am an organic skin care and makeup junkie!! It is my passion and the field I work in. I wanted to share with you some amazing products for the makeup lover in your life! All of these items are on my wish list
{{ I promise :) }}

Sephora has some amazing value sets this year! Most of what I ask for is one of their holiday sets because you get soooo much stuff for an amazing price. A lot of times it is more fun to try out the smaller versions and then only buy full size what you want. So enjoy this beauty wish list!!!!

1. Sephora In The Glow Set  >> Totally obsessed with this set! It is full of highlighters and bronzers! Not all are natural, but that doesn't bother me at all!!!!

2. Tarte Clean Slate Deluxe Primer Trio >> At $9 this is a total stocking stuffer!!! You get to try all of Tarte's amazing primers! And let me tell you, they are fab natural primers!

3. Tarte SmolderEYES Deluxe 6-piece Set >> Number ONE on my list, this 6 piece [[ might I add full size ]] set is a must for any gal who loves her shimmery, long lasting, eye liners! So creamy and the pigmentation is perfection. It even comes with a black skinny eye liner too! My faves to smudge for any look; day or night.

4. Tarte Carried Away Collector's Set >> As you can see, I love Tarte products! I think they are affordable { for a natural brand } and they have an amazing selection. This set is probably the most 'bang for your buck' out of all of these. You get tons of eye shadows, blush, mini mascara, and mini glosses!

5. Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Trio >> I love the fresh sugar glosses and this mini trio is perfect if you want to try them out! You get three great colors that could be used day or night!

6. Clarisonic Aria Set >> I had a Mia which I loved, but the Aria came out and it has 3 speeds so this is definitely on my list! As an Esthetician, it is sooo important to take care of my skin and to teach others to do the same. This device will change your life!

Hope you enjoyed my beauty wish list!!!


Sunday, December 2, 2012


>> Sometimes you need to have your cake, and eat it too <<

5k Update & Supplements

Y'all might laugh, but one of my friends got the date wrong on that 5k I am supposed to do this Saturday!! It was actually this past Saturday haha, but there are going to be more later this month in Atlanta so it looks like I will have more time than I thought to prepare [[ I'm not complaining!!! ]]
So theres the story on that....
Now some talk about supplements. I don't think they are for everyone but if you've tried supplements for boosting your workouts I think you will appreciate this. So I had read about this supplement called Thermo-Success and it is supposed to "Promote body fat reduction, appetite control support, amplified metab., energy boost, and mood boost".
How it works...
Unfortunately, there will never be a magic pill that allows you to never work out and eat junk food all day long while still staying thin. But there are things you can take, combined with healthy eating and daily exercise, that will aid your body in its effort to rid itself of fat.  Thermo-Success is a powerful thermogenic diet pill that is designed for both people who are looking to loose a lot of weight, and for those who are simply looking to get cut.  What is a thermogenic? A thermogenic is a dietary supplement, designed for weight-loss and cutting fat, that works by raising your bodies metabolic rate so that you burn more calories from fat.

Why Thermo-Success is better...
Thermo-Success, like all products by Supplemental Success, is made with premium ingredients – combined to be an all encompassing weight loss supplement.  Thermo-Success is made with herbal supplements, which not only help rid your body of fat, but also help promote a healthy natural body in almost every area of concern. Thermo-Success does not just focus on one element of weight loss, but targets ALL areas of weight loss.

Overall, I have found it to complement my 5k training by giving a great energy boost in the a.m. and also for when I do my yoga/toning exercises. I am very picky about supplements and what I put into my body and I truly love this supplement! Guess What?!?! Lucky for you all I have a 15% coupon code for all my readers from the wonderful people at Supplemental Success!! Use the code "naturallyem" for 15% off your Thermo-Success purchase! I know you all will love this supplement at much as me. They also have 2 other ones called Cerebral Success (for a brain booster) and Testosterone Success. I hope you all try it out and let me know how it works for you pre-workout!

I will have some natural body product reviews this week so get excited haha!
Now back to the grind!