Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Keep Your Body Smooth & Soft During Winter

So wintertime is almost upon us and it is getting tougher to keep our skin soft, supple, and properly moisturized. As much as I talk about keeping your face moisturized, keeping your body moisturized is just as important! We tend to forget about the parts below the neck. I always amp up my routine for the winter because we use the heat more and its colder out which both play a part in drying out our skin. I am going to show you some of my favorite products to keep smooth and flake free during the winter.

Dry Brushing

The first thing I do is use a dry brush all over my body daily. This may sound strange, but you brush in upward strokes starting at your feet all the way to your neck. It stimulates your blood flow and circulation, as well as decreases cellulite. There are actually many more amazing benefits to dry brushing that are beneficial to your health. I use this dry brush daily.


You all know how much I love Indie Lee products from this post, so you know her body scrub must be amaze! I would suggest using a body scrub a couple times a week to keep your dead skin at bay. The dry brush does help with exfoliation but in the winter you need something stronger. With minimal ingredients and yummy essential oils, I know you will love this scrub! Plus its big so it will last you forever! Purchase here!


Probably the most important! I love the feeling of silky, smooth legs so after exfoliation it is key to moisturize well. One of my favorite brands is John Masters Organics. And one of my favorite scents of all time is the John Masters Blood Orange Body Milk. It smells good enough to eat! Literally! So some people think its necessary to switch to a heavy body butter in the winter but I feel that if you stay exfoliated regularly you should be just fine. Unless you have abnormally dry skin<<<<in that case load up on a heavier one ;)
John Masters also has this body milk in body wash form [YUM]

Hope you enjoyed lovelies!


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