Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lusting Over: Nike Flyknit Air Max

Ummmmmmm, am I the only one who's late on the Flyknit Air Max train??

I mean they are beauties!! Although, not the ideal Crossfit shoe, I honestly probably wouldnt even try in them. They are more of running around town Nikes.

My love for Nike has never once waned even though everything Crossfit is Reebok. I am not partial to Reebok clothing but the Nano 3.0's are fantastic. I am still a Nike girl at heart. I have soooo mannnyyy pairsss of Free's haha.

Back to these beautiful babies....

Nike Flyknit Air Max Women's Running Shoe

My boyfriend hates these HA, but I am so in love. I have never owned Air Maxs but I hear they are dreamy on your feet.

The only downfall, the steep price tag at a whopping $225, they will most definitely be on my birthday list.

What do y'all think??


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Quick & Easy HEALTHY Dinner 2

Hey y'all, I am back with another super quick healthy dinner!

Because let's face it, nobody has time for a long prep. Am I right?!?

SIDE BAR- before I forget, I made an Instagram specifically for my blog!
Its-----> naturallyemblog
and my personal is--> emmamason3

The pictures may intersect every once in a while but check them out! Lots of fun Crossfit, Lululemon, and food goodies :)

 Now, ADD moment over, back to the healthy dinner

So, using the left over chicken from my last healthy dinner post, all I did was add it to a salad with some veggies.

Super simple, right?

For dressing I made a healthy concoction....

-half a lemon squeezed

Y'all have seen this so many times in previous food posts
It is a legit staple in my kitchen

And per usual, I add ground chia and ground flax for added omegas and nutrients

Though the dressing seems simple, its so easy and the less ingreds the better.

What are some of your easy meal recipes? I am dying for more!



Friday, January 17, 2014

Crossfit &.... Manicures?

Usually, these two terms don't go together. Now, even though I workout with the boys, I still want to feel girly! As I am sure most of you all do too. Whether you are crossfitting or just doing at home videos, every woman still wants to feel sexy and girly. And a manicure is such an easy way for us to feel like the women we are! Right?!

Now back to the task at hand -----> manicures that last.

I work in a salon so I am thankful to get gel manicures at no charge. I have tried several top coats, Sally Hansen strips etc. The only thing that has lasted through a WOD is my OPI gel manicures!

Also I like to keep my nails short. Thats just how I am I can't stand long nails!!

I switch it up every two weeks or week and a half. The one below is the one I am currently wearing and the other one was from the holidays :)



Do any of you have any other tips for lasting manicures through workouts and WODs??


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lulu Lust List

Ever since starting Crossfit, and actually even before that, I have been obsessed with Lululemon. If you have never tried on or worn their workout clothes I suggest you try them!!! Their fabrics are soft, form fitting, perfect for an athletes body. Plus they are super cute and oh so cozy.

I am going to start doing Lululemon lust lists every couple weeks to showcase their new arrivals and new products. I mean, am I the only one who wants to look cute while sweating up a storm??

Not only is their clothing adorable, but also very functional in workouts. I have found most of their products to be made to withstand a lot and last a very long time. The quality is definitely there. And when I workout, I need to know my shorts/pants wont ride up or my shirt to fall down.

Post Practice Cardi
I would literally wear this anywhere!! And how adorable is this color? Perfect for spring

RUN:Swiftly Tech LS*Stripe 

I have this in gray and I LOVE it. The stripe version is so cute I definitely want to get my hands on it!

Run:Speed Short 

These are my new obsession. I recently got them in black and they are easily the most comfortable shorts ever. Like ever, ever. They are perfect for WOD's and everything in between. I can easily squat and run in them. And I am a hard one to please...

I look forward to more Lulu posts :)


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Quick & Easy HEALTHY Dinner 1

Who doesn't love an easy, fast dinner????

And no, I am not talking about FAsT food!!!!!

Today, I am going to show you a super easy and quick dinner I made that was satisfying and healthy in under ten minutes.

I hate long, drawn out recipes that take all day to make. Plus I am starving after my WOD and will literally grab at anything I see. Tsk Tsk that's a bad habit so I've been playing around with fast meals.

This IS a meatless meal but you can always add a lean grilled or steamed chicken or meat to the plate as well I just didn't have any on hand.

I used coconut oil to satay the onions until very soft.
I added the kale and some pepper to taste. After the kale softened I squeezed fresh lemon juice on it and continued to cook for 2-3 more minutes.

Along with the kale I baked a sweet potato! YUM!!!

I could eat one of those with everything and plus they are so good for you. 
Benefits include:
1. High in vitamin B6
2. Good source of vitamin C and D
3. They contain iron and magnesium which are good for the immune system, heart, muscle, and nerve function
4. High in beta-carotene which helps fight against cancer
5. You can cook them several ways so you don't get bored

Naturally, I don't add butter but I did find a yummy alternative at Kroger and it is this...

It's obviously not the healthiest thing in the WORLD, but its a better alternative. It doesn't taste like coconut either it is very light. Also, I do not add any of that nasty sweet stuff people tend to add to sweet potatoes. I just use plain ole' pepper and pink Himalayan salt.

Sweet potatoes are already naturally sweet so why add brown sugar???

Let me know if any of you try this!!!! More on kale in another post! Can you say super food???


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Addiction<<---- Crossfit

Happy 2014 y'all! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I am ready to kick 2013 to the curb and start fresh this year. I re read all my 2013 resolutions from this post, and I pretty much followed all of them!

But these past few months I have found a new love, and that is Crossfit.
 "That cult fitness thing" as I used to call it. Yes, the very same one.
 Like obsession is an understatement. My boyfriend owns a Crossfit gym, he initially got me into it, and I can't seem to get enough!!!!!! Have any of you changed your training methods?? Have you ever tried Crossfit?? I plan on competing in February for the first time and I am nervous/excited. How are y'all staying active this year?

Lululemon Pants X custom Nike's [ war eagle! ]

Can't wait to share more with you all soon,