Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Top Physical Sunblock Picks's that time of year again

My annual important 'SPF talk'

Unlike myself, I am sure most of you don't wear SPF 50 24/7 365...

Ha think I'm crazy yet??

Trust me you still get sun even when indoors and even when its cloudy out

A lot of my clients tell me they are allergic to sunscreen, which can be true, but I have found they are mostly allergic to the icky chemical based sunscreens that absorb the rays rather than deflecting them. I mean who wants that nasty-ness inside their body???

so I use physical based sunscreens like 'titanium dioxide' and 'aluminum oxide' they deflect those aging sun rays and keep us looking young

Fun Fact: 90% of the aging process is caused by extrinsic factors
the sun, pollution, etc.

Can you believe that??? It's the damn truth

So here are my top organic and physical based sunblocks!!! 

An excellent eco brand, I have used Coola products before and la la love them
Tinted AND spf 50??? win win!
This is a staple in my summer beauty routine I am using this one currently and with a dusting of Pur minerals powder over it, looks amazing.

Never heard of this line? Well you need to check it out. I have some of the skin care and pure organic argan oil and I love it. I am curious to try the sunscreen as well!

Lips need SPF love too!! Do not neglect them! 
Esp at the pool, beach and everywhere in between!

Don't forget to slather on the good stuff this summer


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cacao Ball Recipe

GUILTY..... I made these on a whim

Totally made up the y'all do that??

I am very brave in the kitchen and will constantly throw things together hoping they come out in one piece!!!

Here's a recipe that not only came out pretty well, my picky ass BF loved them.

Deets below, tell me if you make them!!

Don't ^^ those look amazing?!

- 1 cup of organic granola (or oats)
- Roughly half a cup of cashews (or another nut of your choice)
- 2-3 Tbsps of organic cacao powder
- 1 Tbsp of ground chia
- 2-3 Tbsp of homemade or organic peanut butter
- Almond milk to make it a paste consistency

I used my VitaMix to mix all ingredients ( except the coconut ) until the perfect consistency. I added in little by little the almond milk so I don't have an exact measurement there. 

Once blended and still a little chunky I used a small cookie scoop to make even perfect balls, stuck them in the fridge for 10-15m and there ya have it.

A super simple sweet treat that will most definitely satisfy your choc cravings

BTW I like them frozen best ;)


Monday, March 17, 2014

Sweet Swaps: Hot Chocolate

ummm....if you don't love hot chocolate

This post isn't for you

I LOVE me some warm, steamy hot chocolate but these pre packaged nasty chemical filled ones are not what I am talking about.

If you haven't ever tried making your own I suggest you try this recipe!!!!

The base of the hot chocolate is either the dark chocolate almond milk or you could just use regular. This is the only one I had at the time but if you used reg just add more organic cacao powder
More on cacao in another post. I have quit using cocoa powder all together!

I like my hot choc super duper chocolatey so I add a tablespoon per 12 oz. cup of hot choc

Here it is just stirred so all the cacao is dissolved

The next pictures are optional depending on if you truly want it dairy free or not

I just used some sugar free whipped cream and some 72% dark choc


And here is the secret amazing ingredient!!!

A couple drops of dark chocolate stevia

I have never used flavored stevia before and it is actually pretty fantastic. I cannot wait to use it in baking recipes. I can't comment on other flavors since this is my first. Do any of you have any recs?

Enjoy your healthier hot choc y'all!!!!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Lululemon

Went shopping this past week so I decided to show you all what I got

on sale of course.....

Not on sale online, but got a great deal in store. Loose and flowy perfect for over leggings and under a jacket pre and post workout.

Don't yall hate when things are on sale in the store and not online??
AND I went to two stores and a cardigan was on sale in one and not at the other like WTH?!

Again, this color combo still full price online but I got on sale. I've never had the Energy bra so I am hoping it will live up to my expectations. Have you all tried this one? Which bra is your fav?

BTW, got my boyfriend this pair of shorts below. Wasn't even out yet, he was super surprised and he's never had a pair before and these are more like crossfit mens shorts anyway. I had one of the workers try on and squat around the store just to make sure ;)

So if your man has never tried Lulu before and he crossfits, I suggest these 

Assert Short

 Assert Short

Outfit post to come with both of these. Check my instagram for more pics, I update at least once a day!!



Thursday, March 6, 2014


Is super important when it comes to life...and of course Crossfit. I, like so many others, tend to not stretch or foam roll enough which can lead to stress on the muscles and even injuries. I want to try to incorporate more yoga and stretching into my daily routine.

So, tonight I am trying this little workout called Barre at a Pure Barre studio. My sister has been doing it so I thought I'd give it a whirl! Have any of you tried it?? I can't wait....

A little about barre....
It is a ballet type workout. It helps dancer and well, anyone with flexibility, stability and balance. Which you all know is the foundation of a good lift { along with technique!! }


Monday, March 3, 2014

Recipe: Balsamic Glazed Chicken

 Hey y'all, I'm back with another healthy and quick dinner post. Completely clean but tastes as if it isn't. So the only time consuming part about this is marinating the chicken which you could do either overnight or before you go to work and will be ready for dinner when you get home. Whenever I want a quick dinner I always grill veggies and/or chicken because I make it a habit to have both on hand at all times.

Below, I will explain everything picture by picture


Balsamic Glazed Chicken Recipe

I marinated this batch for a couple hours but its up to you of you want to marinate over night or for just a few hours.
So whats in the marinate??
Recipe: (rough guess sorry! I don't measure)
- juice of 1 lemon
- small spoonful of dijon mustard 
-1 clove of fresh garlic { this garlic press }
-enough olive oil/balsamic vinegar to completely coat the chicken
usually a little more oil than vinegar

Once done marinating, I heat up a non-stick pan and put some of my favorite coconut oil to grill them in. I continually add in some of the marinate as well to really make a nice coating for the chicken

Once done with the chicken, I throw in an entire chopped yellow pepper. NOTE: I use all colors of peppers this happened to be the one I had at the time. The more colorful, the better ;)

The final product is a delicious and quick meal you can prepare on the fly. Simple ingredients always make the best dinners. I mean, am I right?!

Tell me if you all try this and of course if you have any other recipes please leave them in the comments! I am always looking for new ones!