Sunday, December 2, 2012

5k Update & Supplements

Y'all might laugh, but one of my friends got the date wrong on that 5k I am supposed to do this Saturday!! It was actually this past Saturday haha, but there are going to be more later this month in Atlanta so it looks like I will have more time than I thought to prepare [[ I'm not complaining!!! ]]
So theres the story on that....
Now some talk about supplements. I don't think they are for everyone but if you've tried supplements for boosting your workouts I think you will appreciate this. So I had read about this supplement called Thermo-Success and it is supposed to "Promote body fat reduction, appetite control support, amplified metab., energy boost, and mood boost".
How it works...
Unfortunately, there will never be a magic pill that allows you to never work out and eat junk food all day long while still staying thin. But there are things you can take, combined with healthy eating and daily exercise, that will aid your body in its effort to rid itself of fat.  Thermo-Success is a powerful thermogenic diet pill that is designed for both people who are looking to loose a lot of weight, and for those who are simply looking to get cut.  What is a thermogenic? A thermogenic is a dietary supplement, designed for weight-loss and cutting fat, that works by raising your bodies metabolic rate so that you burn more calories from fat.

Why Thermo-Success is better...
Thermo-Success, like all products by Supplemental Success, is made with premium ingredients – combined to be an all encompassing weight loss supplement.  Thermo-Success is made with herbal supplements, which not only help rid your body of fat, but also help promote a healthy natural body in almost every area of concern. Thermo-Success does not just focus on one element of weight loss, but targets ALL areas of weight loss.

Overall, I have found it to complement my 5k training by giving a great energy boost in the a.m. and also for when I do my yoga/toning exercises. I am very picky about supplements and what I put into my body and I truly love this supplement! Guess What?!?! Lucky for you all I have a 15% coupon code for all my readers from the wonderful people at Supplemental Success!! Use the code "naturallyem" for 15% off your Thermo-Success purchase! I know you all will love this supplement at much as me. They also have 2 other ones called Cerebral Success (for a brain booster) and Testosterone Success. I hope you all try it out and let me know how it works for you pre-workout!

I will have some natural body product reviews this week so get excited haha!
Now back to the grind!


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