Monday, December 10, 2012

Motivational Monday: Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Yikes!! What a challenge this is.
With all that fatty food, cholesterol, and calorie filled meals, its no wonder people get (as I call them) "Christmas bellies" in the winter!!! The average weight gain [[ in December alone is 4-5 lbs ]]
To me, that is insanity!!!!!

This year, I am going to be very, very smart about what/how much I eat. I have always been food conscious but this year will be different since I have amped up all my routines! I hope you all can use some of these tips I've compiled for you. Or heck, maybe you already do these things and are ahead of the game.
1. Exercise Regularly
The may seem like the total opposite of what you actually want to do, but I promise it will help! It will give you more energy and burn off all of those extra holiday cals.

2. Prepare Yourself for Outings:
If you know you are going out to a holiday party, or even just out with friends to a bar or whatever, remember to prepare! As in, eat healthy beforehand. It will keep you from overeating as well as eating the wrong things. Especially if you plan on drinking too its always good to have something in that belly!

3. Moderation, moderation:
I believe this is the key to {{ EVERYTHING! }} I know you want two pieces of pie, but just have one, your stomach will thank you in the morning! Overeating tends to make people sluggish so I never overeat and I am even more aware of it during the holidays.

4. No really, you don't have to clear your plate
Some people feel obliged to clear the plate as they say, but really just eat what you want and leave the rest. I promise, no one will even notice.

5. Be Mindful
Mingling at holiday outings can be a disaster! There are finger foods >everywhere< and when people tend to get nervous or bored guess what?! They EAT! So just be mindful of what goes in your mouth, and why.

6. MOVE!
Move, move, move! Keep moving at events. As in, walk around! Don't stay too long in one spot, burn some cals if you can!!

So, those are my tips. Do any of you have any other healthy holiday tips? I hope some of these help you in the upcoming days/weeks!


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