Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Hair Care Routine

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Soooo I have been asked on Instagram >> naturallyem <<  to do like a "hair care" type post. I always love reading how bloggers take care of their hair. Weird right? I don't really know why, its just like my obsession with 'what's in my bag' posts or videos too haha. It is just cool to see other gal's routines.
I am going to show you what products I use, how often I wash my hair, my biotin supplement, etc. etc.

First off, I was a blonde baby so most of my life I have gotten highlights like every 6 or so weeks and seriously, blondes out there, that really takes a toll on the health of your hair. I was so exhausted from hair color and spending the money that I just quit going to the salon. My roots grew out wayy too long so I decided to dye it all my natural color. This led to an unintentional ombre type effect which I ended up loving. SO for now, I'm keeping it, lol. I have always felt taking exceptional care of my hair and my skin are top priorities because guess what ladies, those are the only 2 things we can't take off at night.

How often do I wash my hair?
-Um, like once a week for real! The picture below is of day 5 hair. I loveeee using dry shampoo, it is practically my bestie during the week. I like trying out different, organic powder {{ talc free }} dry shampoos. I don't like the aerosol ones very much, too many chemicals for me. I guess its the same reason I don't use hairspray haha. I think the trick is using very little product.

What kind of weekly treatment do I do?
-I use a coconut oil overnight hair mask or I'll use this or this {{ which I get from TJ Maxx }} deep conditioning treatment overnight as well. I did do a previous post on my overnight hair masks, but this post will be a lot more comprehensive as to what else I do to keep my locks healthy and new :)

So, do you take any hair boosting supplements?
-I have heard amazing things about this hair supplement called Viviscal that apparently all the models take to make their hair grow?! I have never put the money into trying it, perhaps one day. Now, my hair grows really, and I mean really fast. Last summer I cut it ALL off. Heres proof haha. I won't ever do it again! I figure I should do it once in my life, but I love my long hair way too much. I feel naked without it! I kept telling my mom that I feel like a boy with that hair cut ;/
But anyway, back to supplements. I take this Biotin supplement. So far I am loving it, plus its good for you skin and nails too, win-win.

[[ short and blonde last summer ]]

How often do you use heat on your hair?
-This I think is the hardest part. I only use a blow dryer once a week and a curling iron to curl once, then for touch ups throughout the week. Does that make sense? I try to use as little heat as possible. Sometimes I'll put it in a braid, sleep on it, then take the braid out and curl some pieces. I have a cool iron that has different size barrels you can change for different looks, I think that is the best bet instead of having multiple curling irons to lug around. 

So exactly what products do you use on your hair?
-Virtually, none! But, after washing my hair, I like to put a dime size amount of this organic thickening compound
{{ I think it is discontinued but it is on Hautelook all the time! }} before I blow out. Once dry I like to spray my fave shine spray and work it through the bottom half of my hair. It is made with Argan Oil which is one of my all time favorite things! Sometimes I mix it with the thickening compound before the blow out too, depends on my mood :D

{{ Bracelet }}

{{ Day 6 Hair!!! }}

What do you do if it's raining? Do you ever put your hair up?
- So my hair is very temperamental the first day or two I wash it haha. I have naturally curly hair so it can frizz, usually it doesn't if I use some of this serum on the bottom half of my hair. BUT, if it's raining and I'm on day 5/6 hair I'll put it in a sock bun because its a super cute way to wear your hair up and it's literally the easiest thing to do on the planet! So above, you see my sock bun from today, I'll probably wear it like this for another day.

So that is my hair care routine! It has worked for me for the past year or so and though washing your hair once a week may not be for everyone. The reason people think that you need to wash your hair everyday is that your roots get greasy and dirty right? Well thats because non-organic shampoos contain harsh sulfates that strip your lovely locks of your natural root oils [ which you need! ]
Perhaps this post was informative to you and I hope you enjoyed it!


 UPDATED----> Click Here!

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