Monday, August 11, 2014

New In: Beauty & Skin

I am back today to share some of the past couple weeks beauty faves!

I have been loving all things BECCA Cosmetics this week!! The excitement continues for me, I try a new product every most recent fave will be below

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Also, I am starting a 60 day challenge with my box tomorrow I can't wait!! More on that to come

1. Derma Roller

I had to get a new roller this past week since my other roller started sticking ah!
Think: I was rolling my skin and it would stop mid-roll OUCH!

Yes I am still needling and I love it!!!!

2. Makeup Geek Shadows & Crown Brush

 Shadows L to R { beaches n cream, brown sugar, creme brulee }

Loving the pigmentation on these shadows! And at $5.99 each they are extremely affordable

Also loving my new synthetic Crown Brushes! Reminds me of my fave  Sigma brushes
but super duper cheap and excellent quality

Speaking of Sigma...

I pulled out my synthetic kabukis and I just love them for blending out everything on my face

Why did I ever quit using them???

4. BECCA Beach Tint Souffle


OMG....this stuff is awesome

Not super pigmented but I kind of like that because you can build it up. Also looks great on all skin tones I have played on!

This stuff is da bomb. I love that it has the signature BECCA highlighter throughout the product

What are some of your favorite new products???