Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY: Overnight Hair Mask

Once a week I will do a really good deep conditioning mask on my hair. Since I only wash it once a week with a homemade concoction (another post to come), I like to do an overnight deep condition as well. I use this Dermorganic Masque Intensive Hair Repair. It has so many good, repairing ingredients in it. The argan oil  makes your hair especially soft and shiny! I love it! I got this huge pump bottle 50% off at TJ Maxx and it is going to last forever.

FULL hair care post here!

{ I divided my hair into 2 sections to make it easier to apply the masque. 
I started applying it about 2 inches from my roots }

{ Pin it up to hold it overnight }

{ no makeup!!!! haha }

I love the way this product smells, but remember you can use any treatment mask you want!
Have you tried doing an overnight treatment before? My full hair care routine here!



  1. love it! I usually use coconut oil :)

    1. Yes! I heard that works wonders too!!!

    2. I mix Argan oil with my hair mask or I use my korres bodylotion as a hair treatment