Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Top Physical Sunblock Picks's that time of year again

My annual important 'SPF talk'

Unlike myself, I am sure most of you don't wear SPF 50 24/7 365...

Ha think I'm crazy yet??

Trust me you still get sun even when indoors and even when its cloudy out

A lot of my clients tell me they are allergic to sunscreen, which can be true, but I have found they are mostly allergic to the icky chemical based sunscreens that absorb the rays rather than deflecting them. I mean who wants that nasty-ness inside their body???

so I use physical based sunscreens like 'titanium dioxide' and 'aluminum oxide' they deflect those aging sun rays and keep us looking young

Fun Fact: 90% of the aging process is caused by extrinsic factors
the sun, pollution, etc.

Can you believe that??? It's the damn truth

So here are my top organic and physical based sunblocks!!! 

An excellent eco brand, I have used Coola products before and la la love them
Tinted AND spf 50??? win win!
This is a staple in my summer beauty routine I am using this one currently and with a dusting of Pur minerals powder over it, looks amazing.

Never heard of this line? Well you need to check it out. I have some of the skin care and pure organic argan oil and I love it. I am curious to try the sunscreen as well!

Lips need SPF love too!! Do not neglect them! 
Esp at the pool, beach and everywhere in between!

Don't forget to slather on the good stuff this summer


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