Monday, March 17, 2014

Sweet Swaps: Hot Chocolate

ummm....if you don't love hot chocolate

This post isn't for you

I LOVE me some warm, steamy hot chocolate but these pre packaged nasty chemical filled ones are not what I am talking about.

If you haven't ever tried making your own I suggest you try this recipe!!!!

The base of the hot chocolate is either the dark chocolate almond milk or you could just use regular. This is the only one I had at the time but if you used reg just add more organic cacao powder
More on cacao in another post. I have quit using cocoa powder all together!

I like my hot choc super duper chocolatey so I add a tablespoon per 12 oz. cup of hot choc

Here it is just stirred so all the cacao is dissolved

The next pictures are optional depending on if you truly want it dairy free or not

I just used some sugar free whipped cream and some 72% dark choc


And here is the secret amazing ingredient!!!

A couple drops of dark chocolate stevia

I have never used flavored stevia before and it is actually pretty fantastic. I cannot wait to use it in baking recipes. I can't comment on other flavors since this is my first. Do any of you have any recs?

Enjoy your healthier hot choc y'all!!!!


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