Friday, January 17, 2014

Crossfit &.... Manicures?

Usually, these two terms don't go together. Now, even though I workout with the boys, I still want to feel girly! As I am sure most of you all do too. Whether you are crossfitting or just doing at home videos, every woman still wants to feel sexy and girly. And a manicure is such an easy way for us to feel like the women we are! Right?!

Now back to the task at hand -----> manicures that last.

I work in a salon so I am thankful to get gel manicures at no charge. I have tried several top coats, Sally Hansen strips etc. The only thing that has lasted through a WOD is my OPI gel manicures!

Also I like to keep my nails short. Thats just how I am I can't stand long nails!!

I switch it up every two weeks or week and a half. The one below is the one I am currently wearing and the other one was from the holidays :)



Do any of you have any other tips for lasting manicures through workouts and WODs??


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