Thursday, January 23, 2014

Quick & Easy HEALTHY Dinner 2

Hey y'all, I am back with another super quick healthy dinner!

Because let's face it, nobody has time for a long prep. Am I right?!?

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The pictures may intersect every once in a while but check them out! Lots of fun Crossfit, Lululemon, and food goodies :)

 Now, ADD moment over, back to the healthy dinner

So, using the left over chicken from my last healthy dinner post, all I did was add it to a salad with some veggies.

Super simple, right?

For dressing I made a healthy concoction....

-half a lemon squeezed

Y'all have seen this so many times in previous food posts
It is a legit staple in my kitchen

And per usual, I add ground chia and ground flax for added omegas and nutrients

Though the dressing seems simple, its so easy and the less ingreds the better.

What are some of your easy meal recipes? I am dying for more!



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