Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Favie Sweet Treats: Part One

Here's the thing, I am constantly trying to find ways to tweak my fave desserts and of course create more easy treats to satisfy that sweet tooth of mine

I think the key with anything is moderation

I still eat the sweets I'm not technically supposed to, but just in moderation, not every day

So some of these recipes you have seen before [ I will link to the page ]

Some are just things I've thrown together. This will be a short post but I will continue to make new recipes to post

Mm k?

You all have seen this one before
Its a super easy way to get a sweet chocolate treat without all the fatty sickieness of pre packaged hot choc ICK!

2. Organic Strawbs and Whipped Cream
If you've never made this before............. I'm sorry

Its so damn good!!!

And how simple is it??? Anyone can pull this off

All you need is a clear portion controlled bowl, a handful of chopped strawberries, and some organic whipped cream!

Done, easy peasy

These are so good when you need a bit of energy and are wanting something sweet

An amazing pre workout, I use these when I am on the run and don't want to eat out or just need a boost of energy

A bunch of yummy ingreds and completely clean!  

4. Chocolate Covered....
How about choc covered anything????

I kid, I kid

But I like to use between 60-75% cacao when I dip, cover and smother with choc :)

This particular pic has fresh strawberries { see the theme? } and nut clusters

I don't always do nut clusters as well but I had extra choc and you never, ever waste chocolate

Hope you enjoyed part one of this delish series 
If you have any ideas shoot them my way



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