Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book Review: The Skinny Confidential

FINALLY got my photos to work and upload so now I can be back to reg postings

( you can quit holding your breathe....)


I am here with a lil book review. One of my all time favie blogs The Skinny Confidential

Like, oh em gee she made her blog into a book!!!!

Praise Jesus! This little booky is epic. Think: her blog on steroids

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and her personality is infectious

Like, who else washes her hair once or twice a week like moi? SHE DOES


I read most of it out on the back porch. Such warm Georgia weather mm..

I loved the recipes and juice recipe ideas since I am always on the hunt for more of those since you all know I f'in love to juice { minus the cleanup }

I'm convinced were pretty much soul sisters....except for the fact she's blonde

BTW she's got a rockin bod too!!!

Boho, sexy, fit, eats clean, amazing sense of humor, FAB hair, perf skin.........need I go on?????

Y'all need to pick up this lil babe ASAP and read cover to cover in .056949302 secs

.....you know I did

OH and did I mention she called me 'cute' on instagram????

I die.......


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