Friday, June 6, 2014

Newest Skin Rage: Skin Needling

Before reading this post please remember I am a licensed professional in this field, I do know what I am doing and researched immensely before even attempting this. Please make sure if you try this consult a physician or dermatologist.

Now that ^ that ^ is out of the way, I am going to talk to you all about skin needling AKA derma rolling AKA putting little baby holes in your face!!!!

People are very skeptical about this practice and of course I totally understand. It seems very unconventional and...weird right?

I mean pricking tiny needles into your skin to create a trauma and then what???

Haha I have done it three times to myself so far and......I la la love it!!!

I still don't think I have done it hard enough yet, my face does get red and a little irritated when I do it { normal } but I am nervous to do it harder as I do not want to draw blood.

How I Am Doing It:
So firstly, you're supposed to start out with a roller with 0.25-0.5 mm needles. I got the 0.5 to start. You build up a tolerance and I am currently doing it twice a week.

For the few nights prior to your first rolling, you're supposed to prep the skin with a Vit C serum of some sort. I do this every night anyway { Post on the crazy awesome benefits of Vit C soon! } so my skin was already ready.

There are so many articles and different ways people say to do it out there so consult your Doc and do your research before trying PLEASE!!!!

 So that is the serum I am currently using, this is a good one or try this one.

There will be a comprehensive post soon about why you should be using Vit C morning and night no matter at what age!!!

So I still use this serum during the needling process but not on the nights I needle....

You should be using an organic face oil or serum directly after needling. It does sting and tingle after you put it on.

I initially purchased this oil for my post surgery scarring and actually I am loving it on my face as well. Such an amazing oil and absorbs fast.

I read a lot about rosehip oil for a natural scar remedy because I did not want to use icky chem filled Mederma or something like that.

Rosehip oil is highly anti-aging and actually contains Vit C as well.

It is great for scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, rashes, burns, acne scars, dry skin, dermatitis, age spots, brittle nails, hyper-pigmentation, and sun damaged hair/skin.

As you can see it was an optimal choice for using on my face as well. It is such a luxurious oil and does not have the best smell but that doesn't bother me. I am about how it works, not how it smells.

{ Fave combo at the moment }

So far this rosehip oil Vit C serum are kicking ass for my face. I did order another organic rosehip oil to try and compare to the above one.

My Results Thus Far:
So far I have had wonderful results and no scary, crazy stories like some people have read about.

Please KNOW what you are doing before attempting because I have a strong inclination that the people with "horror stories" did not know what they were doing. 

I have found myself wearing less and less makeup as my skin becomes clearer and clearer. Now I am starting with good skin but it is not perfect. I do have some post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation going on from previous breakouts. And that's about it but I do see an overall clarity to my skin from the needling and oh so amazing rosehip oil. My dark marks are disappearing faster than I thought they would and I am so happy!

I am so excited to see how it progresses the next 5 weeks until I go up in size to a 0.75mm derma roller. I will keep you all updated :)

As always, email me at for private questions or leave a comment below. I would love to hear if you have heard of this or already use any of these products.

Happy rolling,

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