Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Favorite Products to Get Perf Brows

Hey yall! I am back today with another post that gets asked about a lot when I am out and about and at work.... All about brows!!

One of my favorite parts of anyone's face are lashes and brows. I am constantly giving brow advice and helping people find their arches so I decided it might be fun to do a post on my fave products to get perfectly groomed brows.

 They can completely change the face by opening it up and framing the eye area, which in turn frames the face. I used to never ever do my brows but now I feel naked if I leave the house and they aren't a little bit filled in ha...

So above is a picture of my actual products and favorites I have found by trial and error. As some of you may know I am a licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist so I do this on a daily basis and I have played and played with lots of brands and products. These above are my staples ^^^

In order from top to bottom....

  1. Tweezerman Mini Tweezers --> Obvi a staple in any gals beauty regime but Tweezerman steals my heart! Ever since 5th grade when my mom first tweezed my brows for me { ouch! } I have always used this brand. And of course I use them on my clients as well. 
  2.  Sigma E65 Eyebrow Brush --> By far my favorite brush to fill in with. My love affair with Sigma started years back and the price of their brushes and the quality of them is unmatched.
  3. iT Cosmetics Brow Power --> Love this pencil for filling in my brows. The universally flattering shade is actually universally flattering [ I'm serious! ] If you don't believe me then go try it out for yourself! I also love this pencil.
  4. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade --> One of her newer brow products, I am so far loving it. Hopefully more shades will come out. I feel like I am in between blonde and chocolate and once you see the shades you will know what I mean. Great for summer and more humid climates { like GA! } it will def be a summer staple because it makes your brows waterproof and smudge resistant winning.
  5. Anastasia Brow Powder Duo --> Love a good brow powder and the two colors in this one are perfect for me. Powder will create a softer look it just takes some time getting used to maneuvering it.
  6. Anastasia Clear Brow Gel --> I swear by this stuff when I am using just a pencil/or powder. It locks those brows in place and keeps on your color. They also have tinted ones which are great for just an on the go gal. I have not been using this lately since I have the pomade for summer but still a must for me.
  7. Anastasia Brow Duality --> The perfect highlighter for under and over your brows. This one has a matte side and a shimmer side so you can use it for any look. I love the matte for under the brow and above and I use the shimmer for the inner corners of my eyes. 

As you can see I love Anastasia products. Mainly because she created this entire line pretty much just for brows and there is literally something for everyone. No matter if you are just starting out or are a more seasoned brow artist like myself.

Killer brows are in and honestly I will never have thin brows! Ick so 90's!!!!

Hot Tip:
To grow my brows I use coconut oil on them every night! As well as my lashes! They love the high concentration of Vit E.

I like to fill in and then tweeze any stray hairs underneath or on top. I wax my brows myself and do it probably every two weeks or so just to keep the shape I like.

Using my fave highlighter under my brows for a nice lift

And finish off with some mascara!

If you all have any questions about any of the products mentioned or have any other brow questions feel free to email me at


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