Monday, May 12, 2014

Lulu Lust List

So...I had surgery two days ago and I am stuck in bed

What's a girl to do than to make another Lulu lust post?? <<< duh!

There are tons of cute new products I will be sharing with you..

Also if you are addicted to Lulu like myself check out this blog for all new products and reviews

To Class Jacket

This is the only color combo I like for some reason. In store and online it seemed the only appealing color. I am mainly a gray/black gal but this jacket is so cute, def a must get
Hot Spell Bra
This is the color combo I have and I freakin love it. I almost got the all black one but then I was like "Em, c'mon you need some color in your life", and this will look so cute peeking out from tanks in the summer ;) I got my normal size 6 and it fits perfectly

Peace Of Mind Tank

3.  Peace of Mind Tank
I love the back of this tank. Another great one for cute sports bras to poke out of :)


Run:Speed Short

4. Run: Speed Shorts
You all know I love me some speed shorts. This pale pink is super cute I honestly want every color. They are my favorite to WOD in

RUN:Swiftly Racerback

 5. Run: Swiftly tech racerback
I have the long sleeve version and just love it. The baby stripes are so cute this is def a must for spring/summer. Since we do so much for training outside I need some more good tanks.

Any one else spot and new cute Lulu stuff or anyone have a brand you think I should check out?

Let me know, I am always on the hunt for functional clothing


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