Monday, April 21, 2014

Simple Summer Face

Back today with a fun and simple makeup post

As you know from a previous post, the importance of SPF and protecting your face is paramount

Now, esp in the summer I tend to wear less makeup. My face is tanner [ woop woop ] and overall my skin is clearer

I have a very simple routine that I am going to share only because people tend to ask a lot! And they assume I wear more makeup than I do { since I work in the industry }

But my motto is Less IS more..... In the skincare aspect as well as makeup

makeup is meant to enhance features rather than covering them up or trying to change them. So ladies I challenge you to pick out your best feature and just roll with it

Here's my products I generally use on a day to day basis with some tweaks depending on where I am going...
1. Dior Powder Foundation Brush // what I put my Pur on with. Of course any fluffy brush will work. I also adore this brush line
2. IT Cosmetics Ball brush // for bronzer and blush. I wash it every other day
3. IT Cosmetics lip gloss // the perfect everyday nude color
4. Smith's Rosebud lip balm // for everyday and night
5. Cargo blush // perfect coral with a hint of shimmer THIS is also an ultimate fave
6. Pur Minerals foundation  // Atlanta based mineral makeup & pretty much all the foundation I ever use
7. Too Faced bronzer // smells like chocolate. le duh why else would I use it????? Also love this one
8. RMS Living Luminizer // think--- glowy not shimmery & made from coconut oil YUM

So pretty much, apply my favie sunscreen [ who wants wrinks??? ]

Then apply my Pur, bronzer, blush, luminizer etc.

Super simple but very pretty and it takes 5 mins cause I ain't got time to spend all day doing makeup

I have better things to drink green juice...

^^^^^Dropped my blush that morning......

ugh hate that sh!t

The result is tan and glowy
Always drinking my fave juice

 Wanna see a brow and eye post?????

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my summer face routine



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