Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lulu Lust List

Here were are with another Lululemon post. I swear I could live in their clothing 24/7. OH wait..... I already do

Wunder Under Crop
To me, this light grey screams spring! I do have a pair of crops and several Wunders but no WU crops. I think that needs to change....

Nice Asana Jacket

I am sure you can tell, I mostly wear grey and black I really need to get a life and add more color but we like what we like. And this jacket is so cute that neon orange is just the perfect pop of color I need in my life.

 Energy Bra
Kinda ob...sessed with their bras and this color combo is a must for my closet! This one got great reviews online so I am going to try it on next time in the store :)


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