Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Garage Games One Overview

 { Some light packing for GG1 }

These past few weeks have been crazy busy getting ready, and competing in the Garage Games One Crossfit competition.

It was my first one and it was an amazing journey. I have only been hardcore crossfitting for about 5 months now and I had heard the comps were crazy and that's really when you figure out if its something you truly want to be competitive in. I was in awe of the other athletes. There were people 1000x stronger than me and it was truly amazing to watch. Crossfit is not only a physical journey, but more of an emotional one. And those of you who crossfit know what I am talking about.

It made me want to take my training to a whole new level. Have any of my readers been to or competed in one of these events???

I have added some recent photos as well as photos from the event. Blogger was not working on my comp for the longest time so forgive me for the delay!!!

Below are some pictures and moments from my journey....

SS picture of the amazing oly lifter Jon North. He is crazy strong and youd never guess it.
Everyone from my box family was so excited to see him lift

Candid shot of a good friend, fellow athlete, and WINNER of the female scaled division and I cheering on our fellow athletes or as I like to call them family!


Badass rig by Pure Strength

 New Wonder Woman converse I wore during two of the WODs
Super cute :)

One of my favorite pictures because for one, I had done this very same WOD twice before and had not finished. And I finished it with time to spare at the competition. SO very proud and thankful for my xf family and all of their support.

Go out and grab your dreams by the balls!!!!!

Most photos you can find on my instagrams:
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