Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Recipe: Healthy "Pizza"

So I have a >>huuugggee<< love affair with pizza. Well, bread in general. But we all know how bad those nasty carbs are for us so I try not to eat them a lot. And ever since working out hardcore again, I haven't craved carbs or sweets for that matter. It's a miracle!!!!!!!!!
Apparently exercise curbs those kind of cravings??? Anyone else know about this?

Anyway, I found a somewhat better way to make a healthier pizza. Now, in our house, we make homemade pizza like once a week! You know rolling out the dough and so on. I have always loved whole wheat crust, but at the grocery today I found those little round pita breads and I thought, hmmm I should be able to make a baby pizza out of this! So I picked up the multigrain ones and grabbed some colorful veggies and this is what I came up with....

What I Used:
-Green Bell Pepper
-Sauce {{more on that below}}
-Parmesan Reggiano

Now the "sauce" is just an organic [salt free] tomato sauce. It was a bit tangy since it isn't a pizza sauce but I like it like that! I just added some of my favorite herbs: Basil, Oregano, & Bragg's Organic Sprinkle [which is the bomb and I use it for everything]
I also added some fresh grated parmesan reggiano which is sooo good on pizza! I find regular mozzarella to be too greasy so I just sprinkle some parm on!


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