Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Summer Beauty Products

AH my apologies for being M.I.A.

I have been on holiday and out of the country!

Which leaves little time for blogging...Who am I kidding { I loved it!! }


Anyway, I am back to share with you some new beauty purchases and items I have been loving lately this summer.

Y'all know I love the voluminous carbon black
already, probably my fave mascara ever. They came out with this one in the 'Voluminous' line called Miss Manga and I have to say I love it. Makes my lashes look so long and I add the carbon black on top and they look sooooo thick and voluminous. New staple for sure.

Let me preface this by saying I never wear lipstick and have yet to find a nude lip pencil I love...
Until now!!!
This nude lip pencil-which is double sided-comes in three shades, I have Nougat.
It claims to have the one side which is the nude liner and the other side which creates the appearance of larger lips. You use the light side to over outline the lips, right outside where you did the nude liner.
Outcome: I love it! It does make your lips appear larger and the pencil is so creamy. 
ALSO...the light side doubles as a concealer to cover up a red spot or pimple.
WIN f'in WIN ladies

3. Makeup Geek Contour Brush
I am always trying out brushes. My faves will always be Sigma 
but Jaclyn Hill used this brush in a tutorial and I have been looking for a decent contour *only* brush. So far so good....BUT it sheds like a mofo which I don't like. Maybe after a couple washes it will be better. I'll keep ya updated

I have read about this highlighter alllll over some of my fave beauty blogs
& watched on YT.
I love it! It has been sold out at my sephora(s) for such a long time and it finally came back in stock online and I ordered [ shade Moonstone ].
I love it so far! So creamy and not super shimmery or glittery. I find a lot of highlighters are just so frosty and with flecks of glitter { ugh }

This one is gorgeous though! You won't be disappointed, and there are a couple other shades as well for every skin tone although this one looks great on all.

Hope y'all enjoyed! Looking forward to getting back to reg postings...
Any requests?


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