Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer-ize Your Skin Care Routine

Just like we take the layers off in the summer, we need to do the same with our skin care! This is mucho important. In the summer we're sweating more, and usually tend to have oilier skin. I am going to show you some of the products I use on my face in the summertime.

 Cleanser: It's very important in the summer to lighten up your cleanser! Use one with tea tree or salicylic acid to keep your oil at bay. I use this one year round because I have combo/acne prone skin! I got this huge bottle on Vitacost for a very good deal.

Toner: This is a must year round, but a toner with moisturizing and balancing ingredients is great for the summer. Some people forget we need to re-balance our skin after cleansing! And this is how you do it!

Moisturizer: Crucial and very important! One thing I don't understand is why people with oilier skin don't want to use moisturizer!! Oily skin needs moisturizer as much as dry skin, here's why. When people with oily/combo skin don't use a moisturizer, its like telling your oil glands to go into overdrive to produce MORE oil!! But more on that in another post. I just found the amazing organic brand Acure Organics, and let me tell you I'm obsessed! Its organic AND such a good price point! A good oil control facial moisturizer is crucial for a summer skin care routine to keep it all balanced. 

Mechanical Exfoliation

In the summer (and year round too!) exfoliation is key to glowing, beautiful skin! I use my Clarisonic Mia at night to help remove the excess dirt and debris that my cleanser can miss. I also use the sensitive skin head so it does not irritate my skin. If you are more sensitive maybe do this two or three times a week. Once you get a Clarisonic, you can never go back!

Chemical Exfoliation

Also important is chemical exfoliation. It goes deeper into the layers and provides an anti-aging effect too. These extra strength may be too much for some people, they also have a regular one which I used for 3 or so months before I started on the extra strength. It has helped with my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation too. BUT when using this you must pair it with a sunscreen during the day. Also, use this 2 step system at night, not in the morning! Your cells repair and turn over much faster when we are sleeping.

Sunscreen: The MOST important summer skin care staple! I got it for a discount on this website. It is a complete mineral block and it does not smell like sunscreen at all! I put this on before applying my makeup and let it sink in for 5 or so minutes. Using sunscreen everyday for me is a total must year round, but I make sure to never get lazy in the summer. It has the coolest gel like consistency and it semi mattifies after sinking in. This is the best sunblock I've ever used.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!


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