Sunday, March 17, 2013

Relaxing and Rest Days

Hi my lovies! Boy have I missed you. Today I want to talk about one of my favorite things that I don't get to do very often anymore; and that is relaxing. And I mean, no phone, no computer---> pure bliss.
I love me some me time! And to do that I love taking nice relaxing bubble baths with a glass of champs. As you can see below
I meaaan other than swapping the tub for a beach, what could be better???

Now there are many ways to relax as well, even working out helps me relax which brings me to my next point: rest days!!
So recently I started doing a lot of cardio and overdid it pulling my hip flexor { ouchie! }
I was doing 10k's like errrrrday and I wasn't taking rest days! Which are super duper important when doing any kind of exercise, tsk, tsk Em.

So how do you take your rest days and what helps you relax?


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