Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday-Food

 I literally did not care who won the Super Bowl. I'm just there for the commercials! We had a bit of a shindig yesterday and I found myself with tons of options to eat healthy. My sister brought homemade guac which was spectacular so I pretty much ate that the whole time. Plus I have flu-like symptoms again { yipppeeeeee....not } so I didn't have much of an appetite anyway. Do any of you find it difficult eating at parties? I mean there usually is a healthy dip and veggies around, not just nasty, greasy chips and fatty dips! Luckily I had some leeway to add more veggies and pick what was put out since we were hosting ;)

As for the commercials, I can think of about 4 that really stood out to me and were my faves: Audi
{ duh }, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd for Samsung, the Clydesdale one, the Doritos goat one...did I miss any???
OH and that GoDaddy one with Bar was just...gross like I couldn't watch it haha the sound made me cringe.

{ My mom makes the best snickerdoodles and oatmeal raisin cookies }

{ I ate practically all of those veggies with the guac haha }

{ Southern thang }

{ Yum! Homemade guac = the bomb }

I forgot to mention the half time show haha. I am not the biggest fan of Beyonce but it was one of the best half time shows I have seen to date. It wasn't horrible like Madonna or super over the top. Plus I love Destinys Child.
How was your Super Bowl Sunday???



  1. i just found your blog and i really love it :)
    Im a new follower!
    Lot of kisses from Italy

    1. Yay! Thank you!!
      And I am half Sicilian ;)