Saturday, February 16, 2013

InstyEm: Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day was pretty uneventful to tell you the truth haha. I spent it with my mom and sister in Atlanta, which is always fun! How was yours??? We had some amazing food and even more amazing desserts. I am a huuuuggeee dessert and chocolate lover. No matter how much I eat I can always make room for dessert ;) I mean life is too short not to order the S'mores brownie!!!!! Who knew there was even such a thing? And that thing, is so so so so so good. I literally ate half of it! OH and we had another plate of 3 separate desserts too haha yolo.

My sister and I also got some pomegranate mojitos which were super yummy too. Anyway, this is the first year in many where I haven't had a 'valentine' and you know what? I am totally ok with it :D

{ O.M.G........s'mores brownie }

{ pom mojitos = the shhiiizzz }


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