Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Food Philosophy

It has taken me sooooo incredibly long to compile this post. Why? Because I want it to be an accurate representation of me. I do not, let me repeat, do not believe in diets. I am sorry, they just don't work. You need a lifestyle change, not a diet! It has taken me so long to figure out how to title this post too haha.

I hate the word diet, I think when people hear it they immediately think "Ok, what can I not have". But I will never, ever be on a diet, ever. I will share with you a typical day of what I eat {{ pics included, duh }} and share with you my story of what I believe, how I eat, etc.

When I went off to college almost 4 years ago YIKES! I was appalled at what I saw. And I am referring to what college kids eat. Its more like the freshman 30 !! Needless to say, that opened my eyes. I only spent one year away before coming home to do school here and thats where my whole diet changed. I am really into nutrition and how food is metabolized in our bodies and I think when I go back to college ( I have 2 years done ) I will finally know what I want to major in, druummmroollll....... nutrition! But anywho, I changed the way I ate and now I eat a mainly vegetable diet with some fish and chicken thrown in, and of course 90% organic. I avoid dairy and red meat mainly because of the insane amount of hormones in both. I try to be as healthy as possible but we all have those days where we just want a cupcake and don't give a damn :D

Someone on Insta asked me about keeping flat abs and that got me thinking about how much of a role your diet plays in how your body looks. I've never had a tummy, I've always had a flat stomach but what I am going for is more toned and defined and diet definitely plays a large role in it. I think some people over do the ab thing but this to me, is sexy and what I am going for! 
The reason I am talking about abs is because I posted a picture of my progress. I think it is very inspiring looking at peoples journeys and progress pictures, they constantly motivate me! So someone asked about my diet and that is where this post comes in. Too much prologue? Haha

My food philosophy: 80% Diet -----> 20% Exercise

Now, does that sounds crazy? Maybe, but honestly its the truth! Don't get me wrong I do some sort of physical activity every day, but mostly its about 30-40 mins. And this works for me simply because of my diet. I eat CLEAN, and I mean really clean! I got a steamer for Christmas and it has changed the way I cook! I freakin love it and I can't believe I didn't get one earlier! I steam chicken, every veggie possible, fish, etc.

 Typical groceries: Braggs Liquid AminosBraggs Organic Sprinkle, tons of veggies, Quinoa anything, & fresh fruit! 

{{ Another tip, green tea all day, everyday! }}
I will probably end of doing a whole post on tea since thats about all I drink aside from water. Loose leaf, organic is best! 


 These were actually so fun to make! I will do a separate post on using won-ton wraps for tons of things but these are so simple and so yummy for breakfast or even as appetizers at a party. I put liquid egg whites with some arugula, grilled peppers, onions, and just a dash of pepper!

I love juicing and this is some fresh that I made with my juicer

Another thing I love for breaky is just throwing some of my favorite veggies I have on hand and making some scrambled egg whites. I just use Braggs organic sprinkle and some pepper.

I love our VitaMix and I use it for my daily smoothies [ remember this post? ] I used to drink these every morning but more recently I've been doing more egg whites etc.


We do this for lunch or dinner! I loooveee a plate of veggies with a greek yogurt dip or a humus. Another one of my favorite snacks are Triscuits with hard salami and smoked gouda! Yum!

I do tend to have a giant salad with steamed or grilled chicken on top with cucumbers, carrots, onions etc! I only use homemade dressing or Braggs Vinaigrette.


I love trying new recipes and this is a much healthier way to eat your fajitas! 

Tried this the other night. I CAN'T stop using my new steamer!!! I steam all my dinners now. On the salmon is just my Braggs organic sprinkle and on the veggies is cracked pepper and shallot salt from Penzey's!

Same seasonings as above, its just chicken this time! Both come out perfect in the steamer!

Grilled veggies from a couple weeks ago with some grilled salmon :)
Both grilled in coconut oil 

Yummy! Obsessed with this steamer!!! All the food looks so good in there.

Now, I hope you get more of an idea of some of the foods I eat to stay fit and toned even when I can't workout. I don't want you all to think I don't have a piece of cake or a homemade donut here and there [ because I do! ] but 90% of the time I eat really well. I know some people are super sticklers about their diets and never indulge but to me, life is about being happy and indulging every once in a while. I may not eat clean 100% of the time, but I can guarantee that 100% of the time I am happy with myself and the things I eat. Food is about moderation, it should never be something to be afraid of. Food feeds and nourishes our bodies, we need to eat. The important thing is what you eat and the amount of what your eating. Just start by making small changes and eventually you will love how your body feels and you will never go back! If any of you want to chat further you can leave a comment or email me at!


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